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Services for Law professionals and self-litigates

We provide expert and professional reports, assessments, and testimonies to support parents involved in disputes or Family Court proceedings


Stability4c mission: Improve quality of life and emotional stability for children, by enabling their natural parents to access fair and balanced justice

Stability4c earned its reputation as 'Parenting Together', a Charity registered in Bradford, 2012, now ranked in the top 1% for safeguarding vulnerable adults and children, throughout the British Isles





Specialised areas of expertise - Safeguarding children

Friends and family of the resident parent perpetrate virtually all domestic abuse, because the absent parent is not able to prevent them

Suicide has consequently become the leading cause of death for UK children, from the age of just five; the vast majority after losing relationships with one or both parents and their family

We have the work experience and qualifications to provide the best procedures and testimony to support the case of an absent, alienated parent


False accusations

By fabricating and exaggerating trivial incidents, a parent can claim maximum State Benefits and CSA from the other parent; claiming their businesses, property, and savings. Malicious allegations of Domestic Violence in particular, ensure a parent never sees their child again. Convicted paedophiles encourage this, allowing them unopposed private access to your children and money

We can arrange help for you to secure assets, gather evidence of 'abusing the system', and provide reports, assessments or a children's Advocate testimony to encourage sensible, fair and Equal consideration for settlements in the best interests of your children

Parental Alienation/Emotional Abuse, in Scotland

With enough evidence, we can help alienated parents to convince the Court that their children were coerced, persuaded and coached to hate their natural parent. We have decades of experience in residential Social Care of emotionally damaged children. Alienation often implies a new partner has taken control of the family, potentially for a variety of reasons, none of them in your child's best interests


Professional negligence

We can provide an Expert Witness Report setting out the current and latent damage to children in consequence of professional negligence

In association with Parenting Together. For low-income parents, we may be able to arrange a no-win-no-fee Expert Witness Report if your Solicitor offers the same arrangement


Another malicious 'Abuse of the System' used for the same reasons as false Domestic Violence allegations. Parents on our records, taking control of the family budget to clear mounting debts, have served two years in prison. This type of systematic abuse occurs behind the closed doors of a Family Court where conjecture and speculation are submitted as valid evidence; eleven year old grooming gang victims for example were reportedly asking Muslim men for sex and described to the Court as young 'slags and chavs'

We can use these malicious reports, misleading or misinforming a Judge/Sheriff in evidence against a vindictive parent or social worker, in a Civil Court action






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