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We are focused on child safety and wellbeing

Expert Witness Reports, Professional Assessments and training courses


We provide services to help you resolve family disputes in the quickest possible time and at the minimum cost, with low-income concessions and monthly subscription options

For example:
Social work reports, Parenting Assessments, Training Courses, Parental Alienation and Social Psychology reports, normally begin at £30 or £50 per hour and may take several days costing £hundreds or £thousands
Just one monthly subscription covers all the above, as and when required

A registered Expert Witness Report typically costs several £thousand. You would normally ask your Solicitor to arrange an Expert Witness Report
If you don't have a Solicitor, please get in touch


Professional Negligence

The available evidence highlights dramatic contrasts between safest and the most dangerous regions in the UK. Clearly, your family's safety and wellbeing depends more on where you live than how you live
Everyone has past regrets and where trivial incidents are normally resolved or forgotten, others abuse the system maliciously for political and finacial exploitation, such as parental alienation and child support etc.

Depending on the validity of evidence used against you, we could help you build a case against anyone who directly or in collusion inflicts Domestic Abuse, who is Coersive, breaches confidentiality, misleads the Court or misinforms a Judge
Professional neglegence must first be reported to the local government ombudsman


Kinship Care Agreement

Kinship Care Agreements include family, relatives and friends who can support you and help out at times of crisis


Parental Alienation

Parental Alienation is a sadistic form of emotional and psychological trauma. Convincing a child that a parent rejected them is virtually writing the first line of their suicide note.

Convincing a Judge to make the apropriate enlightened judgement needs an Expert Witness Report by a specialist in young people's behaviour and emotional problems


Family Law Solicitors

If not already represented, we can reffer you to a child-focussed Law Firm or paralegal
We are available 7 days pw to explain anything you might not understand and help to prepare a strong case to the judge


Training Courses

Safeguarding courses and quality of life training hosted by one of the UK's top one percent of registered charities for safeguarding vulnerable adults and children
Video link, group discussions or written responses to videos


Independent Parenting Assessments

Independent Parenting Assessments are usually a written responce to a variety of topics, or if writing is a problem, we can arrange an informal telephone discussion with a trained volunteer
1) List and briefly explain any false misleading reports and accusations against you based on conjecture, speculation, assumptions or prejudice
2) Informal written discussions on several topics related to family life



Rights and Advocay

Every child has the statutory Right to participate in decisions about their life and Rights of access to the love, care and protection of their natural family

If someone unlawfully breaches those Rights, neglects or mistreats your child, we can provide fair and just representation for your child within the Court systems