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Company reg: 13455618

Expert Witness; Social Care, Diversity, Childrens' behaviour and emotional problems

Professional reports, courses, and assessments, supporting parents and professionals involved in youth work, Social Care, and Family Court proceedings

Instant estimates and availability




Accredited Parenting course and rolling support for parents of children under age 16



Charity reg: 1149523

Registered charity for limited ability and learning difficulty parents

NPO ( legal entity co. reg. 06796387 ) offering concessions and legal support services for low-income families

Accredited remedial training and rolling support for parents of mistreated or emotionally disturbed children, making significant changes and improvements to their wellbeing and quality of life



False accusations and compensation claims

In association with other legal professionals, Experts, charities, youth and community workers sharing the same moral values and disciplines for judicial integrity and ethics

1) Tell us what happened 2) We discuss your options 3) You decide and get back in touch with us


Our Social Enterprise NPO

We learned our craft living, studying, and working among the savage and brutal 'grooming gangs' of Bradford, now proven to be institutionalised, supported and supplied by local officials with an agenda. Our award-winning strategy involved youth and community workers, Legal professionals and parents

Our charity

Our organisation began informaly among parents with young schoolchildren, before registering as a charity, 2012. The Joint Committee on Human Rights published our research and working records in the 19/02/2015 report into violent crimes against women and girls. The charity (1149523) now focusses on Learning difficulties parents and the NPO non-profit company (06796387) supports low-income families in the UK's most dangerous communities