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Enabling Children to live with their natural family instead of unrelated strangers

  Domestic Violence facts and QoL solutions for families  

Costs  Established:  July, 2021, All UK

Domestic Violence facts and QoL solutions for families Regions of Britain lead the world in child suicides, domestic abuse, self-harming, sex offences, rape, burglary and violent crime. Everyone thinks they know all the answers but in evidence they do not! The safest happiest highest academic achievers (30% above National Average grades) live the best quality of life (QoL) earning the lowest average income.


 Safeguarding our children, training course for parents  

Costs  Established:  July, 2021, All UK

Four on-line, video link sessions. The first is a private phone call to understand your situation and discuss any of the issues you face The other three are small group discussions on vulnerability, identifying local risks to you and your family, Effective strategies and deterrents to perpetrators